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Power up but no Display

I power up my computer and it starts to work but the screen does not come on. On the right hand side instead of the steady white light I get an orange blinking light and the Caps lock flashes as well. I've tried restart but same result. I was told that I could open the lap top and reset the CPU. Will that help or is my laptop beyond repair to where I need a new one. Additionally, would slaving my laptop to another to have the factory settings reset help?

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I used to have this problem with my hp (exact same model) but I had lines on the screen. It was unused, until I turned it on again after loads of time, the screen fixed itself.

My capslock light will not blink but remaining lights is blinking and can't show display

@muneebkhan90161 read through the answers and comment so on here. This is most commonly an issue with the GPU and the design of that IC. There is no quick fix for this.

@muneebkhan90161 Pull your data off and scrap it. There's no fix.

Parts are NLA, and this was HP's era where they cooked things like GPUs which need proper cooling to death for fun. As you see, me and @oldturkey03 are very familiar with these lemons.

Any of these with the dGPU that SOMEHOW hasn't died is a pavement princess that was never used (but give it enough time, she's going to die) OR it uses the Intel GMA IGP.

If you bring me this mess of a laptop or ask me, my response is the same: "Bring an external HD or HD enclosure, I'm pulling your stuff off of the hard drive. I don't even want the laptop if you want to smash it with a baseball bat or run it over". They are THAT BAD. Outside of the DDR2 RAM and MAYBE the screen if for some reason you can find an inverter to make it external (and the backlight somehow isn't dead or on life support), these laptops aren't worth the parts recovery effort. Even the Socket M Core 2 Duos were mediocre. The fact I need to take the whole laptop apart for a mediocre CPU makes the recovery a waste. Unless I had an immediate target system, I don't bother with saving the CPU. These were so bad I considered them"roadkill" in my teens, even today I consider them roadkill at best. Any HP from this era with a Nvidia GPU is basically on that list, but all of the DVX000 2006/7 era laptops are on that list. They all had the same issue. I used the freaking LCD lid as a CLIPBOARD IN HIGH SCHOOL, minus the clip. HP logo was even visible -- you knew what it came off of and I think someone asked what it was.

The only time I will even waste time baking your GPU with a heatgun is if you have encrypted data that relies on Windows to recover.

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BigPapa76 \, before tearing it apart connect an external monitor and see what it displays. If it does not, then read my answer to a very similar question :" this series has an issue with the GPU failing. Sometimes a reball can fix it, other times you may need a new logic board. Here is my answer to a similar question :"

This is a well documented prob with this series of notebooks and if you do a search on the Internet you'll find lots and lots of unhappy and frustrated people. The problem is the motherboard, and the symptoms include loss of bootup, VERY slow bootup, WiFi stops working, etc. is simply that the MOBO board overheats and fries the video driver chip. The cooling design of this PC is inadequate.

You might try this to verify.

1. Take the battery out and unplug the charger

2. With the computer lights OFF, press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds

3. Plug the charger back in and start-up the computer

to fix the problem you will have to reflow the graphics chip.

If an external monitor displays properly, you have a bad LCD.

Update (11/18/23)

Just for completion sake and pointing out things that were "discovered" about this since 2015. It is the same chip design as was used for the Xbox360, PS3 and multiple other products.

You most likely have issues with your GPU processor. It is a flip chip design and the issue could be the solder bumps between the IC and the substrate.. Combining this with a reflow with a heat gun may just complete a good repair. Check on here for the reflow guide. Also "remember that all that this kit is trying to accomplish, is to close cracked solder joints.

Here is a very "quick and dirty" explanation of what causes most of the RROD. It is not always a failure of the solder balls which connect the Flip Chip BGA package to the motherboard. It does happen and you can see why on here More commonly however is that the failure is due to the chip design itself.

Block Image

As you can see the "bumps" are what actually connects the die to the substrate to make the chip complete. If these bumps fail the die does no longer make contact with the substrate and thus no contact with the circuit board. The chip has failed.

Block Image

Here you can see the space where the bump has failed and no longer makes contact. We are talking microns of space here. So a bit of pressure on the top of the die potentially close the gap. Same with a reflow, it may allow some of material from the bump to reshape and starting to make contact again. The heating of cooling of the chip during use is what will eventually cause it to fail again.

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And what makes it worse is the parts are NLA, so there's no repair.

@nick that is correct. A lot has happened since 2015 :-)

@oldturkey03 If you had to reflow it to recover encrypted data tied to the laptop, that's different; but once you resort to that, the laptop is a dud once the job is done.

@nick yes. I would give you a 15 minute warranty just long enough to recover what you need to recover. After that it's a crapshoot with the odds being against you.

@oldturkey03 If you want to gamble on it lasting 1 year, fine; but I'm not warranting a hack that only effectively saves data. My LG G4 only lasted long enough to get what I needed to get off first and that phone was DEAD. Same principle applies here, the device is dead when you have to resort to this once you get what you need.

I'm not covering it once you got what you needed. Pull the data and scrap the laptop, or pull the drive/s if you really want a physical backup; and if you give it to someone to toy with be honest and tell them it was reflowed and on borrowed time. I assume anything with the GPU that works was reflowed or on borrowed time and part them out even working; I'm not going to waste time on a laptop that's this FUBAR.

I have straight up pulled the hard drives out of these for people with data (and put them in a enclosure) when the GPU croaks and told them to discard the laptop when there's no need to specifically even bother. I ended up with one years ago due to this I parted out and used the damaged LCD back as a clipboard. About all they're good for.

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HP DV 6000 serie was have factory problém with nvidia gpu, allready in 2015 i get many of them with common issue,. No video=black screen, not power on, blue screen error.... Not helping reball the gpu, temporary help replace the gpu ic. 6-36month..

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@vojtech59738 that is correct. A failing GPU was already identified and I stated so in my answer from 8 yrs ago.

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guys. i had the same exact issue wih DV6000. i dug little deeper and found out there was a class action for the failing nvidia gpus angainist nvidia. i used a hair drier to heat up the gpu for 5 minutes staraight. nd let it cool down for 30 seconds. and it worked just fine after that.

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@deneme12 yup, that was the flip chip design issue that was talked about around 2015 etc. Same debacle as the RROD Xbox and PS3 issues. What happens when you heat it up with a hair dryer is that it reshapes the die and the solder bumps and you also know it is not going to last :-)

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