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Aspire 5315 Series features Intel Celeron mobile processor and Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset

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Video card conflict with hidden identical card

I have an old 5315 which i have upgraded to Vista Home Pro and will eventually upgrade to Windows 7. However, it shows a video card conflict. In hidden devices there is another instance of the card conflicting with it. Its a GMA965 chipset, 4 gig dr2, 160 hdisk. Everything else works.

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Is there any information in BIOS as to what the actual "inbuilt" video display adapter model is? Most laptops have onboard video GPUs not removable cards. Some models, (not yours as far as I can find out) do have two (2) video adapters to allow for swapping between to improve gaming performance. Again they are onboard not removable.

What is Device Manager indicating regarding the status of the Display Adapter?

Can you uninstall both adapters, restart your laptop and then let Windows 'find' the correct adapter?

The Acer support page for your laptop shows this to be the only driver available for the graphics display. VGA Intel VGA Driver 16.2 MB 2008/12/03 and that is for Vista as there is no driver for Win7

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Press the left windows key and the pause/break key at the same time, select device manager and disable one of the video devices.

In the tab that will open for each device is a tab called "details" searching those settings you can find the video device that's causing the problems, click on "Device description", a good start would be checking the "problem code", zeros are a good thing.

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