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TV won't stay powered on

I have a year old e500i-b1 that when I push the power button, the light comes on, then after about 1-2 seconds it goes off and I get nothing.

I've tried holding the power button in for 30seconds, a different power cord, disconnecting all devices from the inputs, etc. nothing works.

when it first started happening, if we left it off for a couple of hours or overnight, it would come back on. Now it won't stay on at all.

Also, tried the flashlight test, don't see anything. And I don't get any audio.

Any idea on what could be the issue?

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It's over. Vizio offered same type of technician that would charge a service fee just to look at it then another fee to repair. It would cost me almost as much as the tv.

Hey! Had this same problem....and here me out..... turns out my remote control was on the fritz... try taking the batteries out of your remote and turning on the tv manually.... worth a try!

Sounds like ur power supplys out

I have a Vizio and I have changed both boards and it still turns on for a second and shut off

It's the power board.

You must have installed another faulty board...

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Bill Carberry not sure if you are the OP of this question. From what you are describing it sounds like a bad power board. Remove the back of your TV and take a look at the individual boards. Post some good images with your question so we can see what you see. Even if you would blindly go ahead and repalce every board in your TV you'd be looking at no more than $200USD. This "charge a service fee just to look at it then another fee to repair. " is the reason for ifixit's existence. Let's all try to help each other out and save our hard earned $$$. It ain't over until the ... (political correctness) lady sings

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I am the OP. And I actually just ordered a replacement power board, will let you know how I make out with it.

I thought so. Great that you ordered it and let us know how it works out.

I was recently given one of these TV's for the same reason. The guy said if I can fix it, I can have it. Challenge accepted. I'm planning on doing a video on the repair attempts. Any luck on yours?

Same issue, I ordered a new power board. I will received it in 2 days and let you know if it fixes it. The issue is immediately after being plugged in the logo VIZIO underneath the screen lights for 2 seconds and fades out with no feedback or light on the screen. Since it does not power on I assumed the power board was the culprit. Replacing every card in the TV will cost about $100 to $150, the power board was free shipping through ebay on $32. Best of luck


kemperfidelis let us know how it works out.

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1. Inspect ALL Ribbons and connectors. Any tears or bad connections between boards must be replaced FIRST

2. If you have any of these boards, it should be the first board to be replaced

A) T-Con Board - Video Problems (No Video with standby light on, audio but no video, grainy, distorted, or color problems in screen)

B) X or Y Buffer Board (Plasma TVs only) - Standby light is on but no power

C) Backlight Inverter / LED Driver - No Video with standby light on

3. Main Video Board

- Standby light is on but no power

- Either video or audio does not work (if no T-Con in TV. If audio but no video it is T-Con)

4. Power Board - No power AND standby light does NOT turn on. If standby light is on try other boards above

5. Panel - No power, distorted picture, lines, slow motion, half screen, faded in / out. Panel problems are usually not worth replacing the panel.

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I have an older vizio with the same problem. When you turn it on the power light comes on but goes out within 2 seconds. I inspected everything and it all looks brand new with one exception. An Elite 120uF 450v capacitor had what looked looked like a burn mark where it was soldered. Would a bad capacitor cause this problem?? Thanks.


Sure... If there is a burn mark it may just be a bad solder joint and resoldering it may fix it.

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Hi, Is it a year old or just under? Check the date on your purchase receipt. There is a manufacturer's 12 month warranty on your product. If it is within the warranty period check the warranty information that came with the Tv as what you need to do to make a claim for a warranty repair.

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I once had a TV break after 12 months and 3 days. After the 12 month warranty runs out, many credit card companies offer an automatic 12 month extension if you paid with their credit card. The only tricky part is getting a written estimate to prove the TV is broken and then you get either the cost to fix it or the cost of the TV, whichever is lower.

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Hello. I have a Vizio E43-C2 I purchased in October of 2015, started having the same problem 2 weeks after warranty expired. I tried all the tricks too.. nothing worked. I had it repaired, was a bad Main Board. total cost was $171.20

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I bought a $6 universal remote on amazon and have not had that problem since!

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Since there are so many people having the same issue with the same model , it suggests to me that it boils down to the same part or maybe two or three parts that tend to go bad. I have the E500I-B1 model, too, and I noticed it became progressively harder and harder to turn on the TV. Eventually the white light on the bottom left would come on briefly and then go off again (sometimes it would fade away, sometimes it would just go off at once, and sometimes it wouldn’t come on at all). They sell a component replacement kit for $15 and one guy said in the Youtube comments section that he just replaced the diodes, transistors, and resistors and fixed the problem for him. As some have suggested, I tried replacing the batteries on the remote and it actually helped for a few days, but wouldn’t turn on anymore after that. I suspect that the reason this worked is that the power on command was received by the TV multiple times after changing the battery. When the TV no longer turned on after 30 or 40 attempts, I opened the back of the TV and used a multimeter to test all the diodes, transistors, and resistors. For the diodes and transistors, I simply verified that the terminals weren’t shorted and current flows one way, but not in the other direction. I suspect that there is something that’s beginning to fail, but it still works good enough to pass my simplistic testing. Some have mentioned that they replace the entire power supply board and it didn’t work, and since those boards are selling for $60 or more on Ebay, I’m not really keen on trying it, unless I can be at least 98% sure it will work. However, one of the commenters, fozablah, stated in January “Okay hear me out cuz i know its gonna sound stupid but it worked... press the power button repeatedly about 10-15 times”. It’s a silly suggestion coming from a silly-sounding username, but I tried it anyway. As as I pressed the power button on the lower left 2 or 3 times, I noticed that the power was staying on and I kept pressing it about 15-20 times. The power remained on after that. So at this point, the power is on, so if I leave the power on 24/7, I presume it will stay on. I have it plugged into a UPS, so if the power ever goes out, the TV stays on. I suspect that if I use the “press the power button 15 times” trick too many times, eventually whatever electrical components are going bad will deteriorate further, so I figure the better solution is just to keep the TV on. This is my solution for now. I’ll check back in a while to let everyone know how my solution is working out.

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I forgot to take into account that when you use the smart features on the TV, like Hulu or Netflix, the processor will freeze up every couple of days, forcing you to cut the power to the TV. The workaround is to use an outside processor like a Roku for things like Netflix and Hulu, and to use the TV as a dumb TV (HDMI or regular antenna). Then the TV can stay on 24/7. I was able to power on my TV a second time using power button trick without a problem.

I've been keeping the TV on 24/7. When I accidentally power it off, I just power it right back on because apparently the TV only has trouble turning on from a cold start.

Instead of turning the TV off, what I do is I press the Menu button on the remote and go to "Timers". Under "Timers", you can select a blank screen. That turns off the screen without powering off the TV completely, but it turns off the LED backlights, so they won't wear out as fast and use up electricity. To turn the screen back on, just press the Menu button once.

When you turn the screen off, it looks like the TV is off, but you want to be able to see that the TV is still on. There is another menu item that turns on the white light in the lower left corner of the TV, letting you know that the TV is on.

Today, the backlight stopped working on the TV. Using a flashlight, I was still able to see the menu, but I had to guess which of the menu item is currently selected. The only way to get the backlights to work again was to do a factory reset. After a factory reset, it's important to remember that by default, the auto power off feature is set to 10 minutes, but it needs to be turned off. From the main menu, you go to timers to select the auto power off feature setting. The white LED power indicator can be set under the System menu.

I'm noticing that using the blank screen feature causes the TV to freeze up once in a while. The last time it happened, not only did the backlight fail to come back on, but the menu didn't work either, so my only choice was to unplug the TV and plug it back in. As I turned it back on, the Vizio logo didn't show up. Instead, there were a bunch of squiggly lines on the screen. Honestly, the TV looks like it's about to die. I won't use the blank screen feature anymore and just leave the TV on as is to see if that works any better. If the manual button trick ever quits working, I'll move on to the remaining tricks that were mentioned here, such as disconnecting the manual button or "having power cord unplugged for 2-6 hours, then plugged in for 30 min-2 hours and trying with the remote to turn it on".

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