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Complete Shutdown if laptop screen is moved - Why?

The laptop crashes when the screen is moved and also, sometimes, when the device is simply bumped. What could be the issue?

I can open the back cover off as I have the necessary screwdriver, but I do not know what I should look for. Additionally, I have noticed there are three backcover screws missing.

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Issue is temporarily fixed.

Problem: Missing back cover screws causing motherboard to flex.

I opened the back cover and prodded around until I found the small area where the motherboard would flex and cause an immediate shutdown. Since the mobo is covered with a plastic sheath, I’ve inserted a small sliver of cardboard with double-sided tape to counteract the flexing.

Once I obtain the new screws I will remove the cardboard.

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Hi @ozera ,

Here's the part number for the screws for your laptop, 5S10K28161, taken from p.63 of the service manual (from this webpage, click on Hardware and Maintenance manual on left side of page).

If you search online typing the part number ONLY in the search box of your browser, you'll get results for suppliers of the part.

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Thank you @jayeff ! I'll update my Answer once I install the new screws and remove the temporary cardboard piece I installed.

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It could be a cracked connection somewhere. Try taking it apart and separating the hardware components as well as you can on an insulating surface, and powering the thing up, testing which components can be jostled or bumped gently without freezing.

Have you tried poking the RAM modules to see if that triggers the crash? If not I would suspect a bad solder joint in the power supply plug. That's fairly easy to fix if you know how to solder.

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Hi Albert, thank you for your Answer. I have not yet opened the laptop, but I will do so soon and update afterwards. If there is a bad solder joint as you mention, what should it look like? I do know how to solder, but I've never attempted to do so on a motherboard before.

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Hi Ozera,

You should be careful since you have no idea on how to solder, I advise you to ask someone else who knows it well, good luck with you and keep me updated.

Happy holidays!

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