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For more information regarding common troubleshooting tips, use the following link

BELLA TXG-DS14 Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The BELLA Air Convection Fryer can be identified by its model number: TXG-DS14. It was first released in June 2016. The BELLA Air Convection Fryer is an electrically powered fryer which uses little to cook the food. It use electric corded power system with overheating protection functions. The device has components such as timer and temperature control knobs,a drawer, a frying basket, and a heating coil. The device also have features such as 60 min timer, automatic shut off, max settable temperature of 400 Fahrenheit.

It has few known failure modes such as temperature and timer control not working properly, the drawer keeps popping out, power not turning on, loud fan noises while cooking and the clear lock button is not preventing users from pressing the release button for the basket. No manufacturer recalls as of now.

The device has the dimensions of 12.28″H x 10.35″W x 13.03″D includes a nonstick 2.5 liter or 2.2lbs frying basket. Has red light power button and blue light heat button when on. Has two knobs (time and temperature control), frying basket drawer with a removable frying basket with cool handle, clear lock that covers the basket release button, and 3 air inlets. Source of power is a power cord that goes in an electrical outlet.

Additional Information

Bella TXG-DS14 Home Page

Bella TXG-DS14 Q&A

Bella TXG-DS14 Introduction Video

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