If you are having trouble with your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation, refer to the troubleshooting page.

The Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation is the 3rd and latest iteration of Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite series and was released on June 30, 2015. This model of the Kindle Paperwhite series is identified by the model number DP755DI in the bottom corner on the back of the device. It is also colloquially referred to as the Paperwhite 3.

The Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation is a compact and specialized tablet that is primarily used for reading. This version of the Kindle Paperwhite has a 6-inch, 1440×1080 resolution size, 300 PPI E-Ink Carta HD display. It is capable of Wi-Fi+3G and has a longer battery life of up to 6 weeks if used for 30 minutes per day with wireless off and brightness set to 10. The Paperwhite 7th Generation is most known for its unique Bookerly font, which allows for faster reading and less eye strain.

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