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Background and Identification

Released in 2008, the NV370 model is part of Shark Clean's Navigator Lift-Away line up. Like all models in this family, it features guaranteed no loss of suction technology, a swivel head, and a host of attachments for a variety of surfaces and hard to reach areas. It also features a convenient lift away portable canister ideal for difficult areas such as around furniture and staircases. Unique to this model is the Gentle Deep Clean Technology specifically designed to be effective for delicate area rugs as well as traditional rugs.

The NV370 model is easily identifiable by the sticker on the back of the main column when in the upright position. Also, apart from similar Shark Navigator models, the NV370 features a premium brush roll instead of the standard brush roll. The Shark Navigator Lift Away NV370 is a versatile household vacuum cleaner that can handle any situation.

Additional Information

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