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If you are experiencing difficulty, consult the Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer Troubleshooting Page

Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmers have been prone to trimmer jams and batteries not holding full charge, possibly because there is no explanation on how to clean and maintain the trimmer. It is not clearly stated in the manual how long a full charge cycle is.


The Wahl razor is different from other models because it is thin, has a black rubber grip and a silver tip. There is an indentation on the silver tip to add originality. The switch button is smaller than other models and the razor blade is smaller.

Model History

In 1967 Wahl produced the first cordless hair clipper using its own rechargeable battery technology. Four years later it started an electronics division with the world's first cordless and rechargeable soldering iron. In 1975 the company released a line of back and foot massagers utilizing the vibrating motor technology used in their hair trimmers. In 1984 Wahl invented the first cordless consumer beard and mustache trimmer. Wahl has released a user guide for the device, but none currently exist on iFixit’s website. Also, the user may not possess the technical background for which Wahl’s user guide is written - not everyone using the razor has an engineering or IT background. The Wahl 9854-600 manual does not include full color photos and is generally not user-friendly. Unlike their manual, ours will use the iFixit interface will provide a more streamlined repair process, eliminating the need to search for information.

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