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For help with troubleshooting please see iRobot Braava 380t Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The iRobot Braava 380t is a portable mopping unit designed for use in large household spaces. It is black and smaller than other iRobot models on the market. This particular model doesn't have a water tank, thus explaining the smaller size and limiting its functino to dry mopping only. The iRobot is equipped with an iAdapt 2.0 Navigation Cube, which enables the cleaner to identify areas it has already encountered. The iRobot is designed to sweep up to 1000 sqft or mop 350 sqft in a single cycle. With the modular addition of NorthStar Cubes, the sweeping range can be further extended. Braava 300 series is compatible with disposable cleaning cloths in addition to the provided microfiber.


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