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Background and Identification

  • The G3 Controller is Gamestop's version of a gamecube controller, performing the same functions yet differing slightly in materials and the inclusion of a turbo button.
    • The material of the body of the controller is made out of is a high shine plastic with a slippery surface.
    • The buttons and joystick/C-stick are also a slightly different material than that of the original gamecube controller - the surface is smoother.
  • It includes A, X, Y, Z, B and Turbo Buttons, a joystick, a C-stick, a directional pad, and a left and right trigger.
    • The A,X,Y,Z,B and Turbo buttons are stiff in terms of the original gamecube controller, but still respond quickly and acurately.
    • The joystick and c-stick have are quick and easy to use - with a more responsive feel than the original gamecube controller.
    • The turbo button can be assigned one of the other buttons and when used, will push a button faster than humanly possible.
    • The cord attached at the top of the controller is gray and relatively flexible and connects to the gamecube fine, similar to that of an original gamecube controller


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