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The Panasonic EB TX320 aka Panasonic Versio was a lower end tech phone first available in 2001. Basic controls made it a good choice for novice cell phone users. One of it's main features was that it had a very easily removable face plate that allowed for easy swapping of colors, pictures, and different graphics.

Technical Specifications

Automatic Redial - Yes

Back-light - Yes

Built-In Camera - No

Call Bar - No

Call Lock - Yes

Call Timers - Yes

Call Waiting - Yes

Caller ID - Yes

Charging Time - Up to 3 hours (analog & digital)

Chat SMS - No

Check Memory - No

Color - Silver, Titanium, (Other replaceable face-plates)

Daily Alarm - Yes

Date Format - Yes

Date/Time Display - Yes

Delete All - Yes

Display Contrast - Provides 5 levels of display contrast to select from

Distinctive Ring - Yes

DTMF Tone Length - Yes

Earpiece Volume - Yes

E-mail - No

Hot Key Dialing - Yes

Infrared (IrDa) - No

Key Guard - No

Language - Yes

Location Map - Yes

Low Battery Warning - Yes

Melody Ring Tones - Yes

Message Alert - Yes

Messaging - Yes

MMS - No

Multi-Party - Calling 3

Mute - Yes

Notepad - Yes

One Time Alarm - Yes

One Touch Speed Dialing - Yes

Pause & Waits - Yes

Phone Lock - Yes

Phone Number Entry - Yes

Phonebook - Yes

Phonebook Delete - Yes

Phonebook Memory - Yes

Phonebook Name Match - Yes

Phonebook Picture - Yes

Phonebook Search (browse) - Yes

Power-On Lock - Yes

Quiet Mode / Normal Mode - Yes

Redial - Yes

Ring Alert - Yes

Ring Volume - Yes

Scheduler - No

Shortcut Keys - Yes

SMS - No

Speakerphone - Yes

Standby Time - up to 200 hours (digital), up to 5.5 hours (analog)

T9 Text Entry - Yes

Talk Time - up to 2.0 hours (digital), up to 1.4 hours (analog)

TTY Compatible - No

Vibration Alert - Yes

Voice Commands - User can record and "program" commands to call numbers in Phonebook and perform other functions without pressing keys

Voice Memo - Yes

WAP Browser - No

Warning Tone - Yes

Weight - 2.7 ounces

Dimensions - (H x W x D) 4.6 x 1.7 x 0.7''

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