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Visit the SodaStream Source Troubleshooting page for additional help concerning your SodaStream Source.

Background and Identification

The SodaStream Source was created in 2012 behind a collaborative effort with designer Yves Béhar. The SodaStream Source is one in a line of six home soda makers created by the SodaStream company, best distinguished by its name and unique, energy-efficient design for plastic waste reduction. This particular model includes a snap-lock bottle and an LED fizz indicator. There is also a BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle and a 60L CO2 cylinder. The design includes a rectangular plate to prevent tipping during carbonation. The SodaStream Source is available in black or white and includes the necessary battery. The dimensions are 4.8" W 16.6" H 9.1" D.

Additional Information

조회 통계:

지난 24시간: 25

지난 7일: 200

지난 30일: 1,127

전체 시간: 20,678